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Weather Station using a Wemos D1 Mini Pro V1.0 with a 1.44" TFT LCD Screen

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Weather Station

Weather Station using a Wemos D1 Mini Pro V1.0 with a 1.44” TFT LCD Screen

This project gets weather updates from using a free API Key. This project also sends updates to ThingSpeak IoT using a free API Key.

Using the instructable to convert images to Flash memory.

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Latest Status

How It Works

  1. The Wemos will connect to the local WiFi network.
  2. It gets the current time from
  3. It desterilizes the result from the time server. This just gets the current time.
  4. It gets the current weather from
  5. It desterilizes the weather input. This gets the current temperature and weather (Clear, Rain, Clouds…)
  6. It gets the weather forecast from
  7. It desterilizes the forecast input. This gets the todays and the next two days Max/Min temp, % of rain, weather (Clear, Rain, Clouds…)
  8. It gets a custom message from
  9. It desterilizes the custom message.
  10. It then prints on the screen the background to match the weather, then the temp now and todays Max/Min, % of rain and custom message
  11. It then cycles through the three days (today, tomorrow and day after)
  12. It then sends a status report to This is just number of errors and what weather info it got from the weather server (this is used to monitor whether the wemos is working correctly)
  13. The Wemos then goes into deep sleep only to be waken by pressing the Reset button

Code for Getting current time, getting weather and forecast, desterilize json, get custom message and display on screen.